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Karla’s Cunt Is Much More Important Than The Rest

Karla took almost two hours to get ready in her dressing room. She put on fancy lingerie and carefully applied her makeup to her face – it seems she did not know that her pussy was really all that matters to us. Once the pump is attached and her labia become flooded with fluids, that swollen snatch remains the focus of our camera work because her cunt is much more important than the rest of her body could ever become.

Notice her fancy makeup gets smudged and her lingerie gets stretched, maybe she will learn and next time she will get ready quickly to show up completely naked with her cunt and asshole ready to be used. Whores should all be aware that men do not like to be kept waiting for pussy!

Pink Haired Bianca Playing The Pump Specialist

Bianca tries her hand at domination, but it backfires and the pink haired beauty finds her throat impaled on a hard cock. Bitch-slapped, her head is forcibly held and her eyes water as she gasps for breath whilst a thick cock and then fingers are forced down her throat. Her overproduced saliva is rubbed in her face and hangs in tendrils from her chin. Dragged by her hair and picked up like a rag doll, she has her cunt pumped to bursting before she is subject to a vehement arsehole violation with a butt plug and a DP with anal balls.

The abuse continues with a glass dildo and a huge black dong which makes her arsehole gape and then a thick cock prolongs her agony! It’s hard & it’s very, very nasty! Check it out here!