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Sandra Black A Pumped Up Whore

Sandra takes her first steps into the depths of the engine room and oils the stairs with her warm piss, which gushes out of her pumped and shaved cunt. Moaning, she pumps her pussy some more before succumbing to a hard and brutal face fuck! She struggles to breath as three fingers make her heave as they too are shoved into Sandra’s mouth. She impales her tight arse onto the thick cock, her spit acting as lube as it stretches her ring. She then submits to another round of severe throat fucking – her mouth getting a better workout than Listerine! Her pussy is then subject to another bout of extreme pumping whilst her arse is bludgeoned with a huge black dong! Sandra is a nasty fuck whore – cum and see her pain!


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Innocent Mila – Pump Up My Young & Fresh Pussy

Mia is one petite teen that may look innocent at first but she definitely has her kinky needs. Once she invites a pushy stud into her bedroom she cannot wait to get hold of his manpole and get naughty.

As he strips her and sucks on her perky boobs she gets more and more turned on and is ready to show him the teen fuck experience of his life.

He gets to blow up her pussy with a vacuum pump while fingering her asshole before she finally gets his thick cock to ram her tight pussy and blow him all the way to a well deserved facial cumload.

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Mega Pussy Lips Is Always Here To Help Girls Like Victoria Shine

Victoria Shine is the kind of gal who likes to keep everything neat and orderly. She clips her hair in place so it won’t move around too much, she folds all her linens perfectly and makes sure her bedroom is never cluttered. That’s usually the kind of girl who prefers to pump her pussy as well. Notice how her vagina is perfectly hairless and the moisture of her clear clean pump maximizes the suction around her snatch. Showing off her vagina in full bloom makes Victoria happy and Mega Pussy Lips is always here to help girls like Victoria Shine find happiness!

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A Big Swollen Pussy For Chloe

Want a thick and throbbing cock? Well just add a penis pump and watch it grow! And this dirty cunt can’t wait to stick that fat cock as far down her throat as she can. Listen as she gags on his this weapon – awesome! Now it’s time to pump her pussy and once it’s bulging and distended, add a mini pump to coax her sphincter from its burrow – matching her snatch for deformity. With everything inflated and pulsing, it’s time for a hard arse fucking! She moans like a whore as her cunt throbs whilst her arse is split and with a speculum inserted into her swollen pussy, she chokes some more on forced cock down her throat before being rewarded with a splattering of warm spunk!

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Patricia Paris Looks Even Better Once The Pussy Pump Is Attached

Patricia Paris loves to roleplay. BDSM, School Girl, Office Sex, or Military fucking like she did today. She looks great in her uniform with a short skirt and green beret but she looks even better once the pussy pump is attached to her plump vagina. We filmed this video on a very hot day outside so her pussy started to sweat and the moisture built up along the edges of the pump to create an even strong seal which means more pressure and an even bigger effect. Look how HUGE her Mega Pussy Lips become and remember to watch it again any time you want to see the biggest plump pussy in action and plenty of roleplay reality sex as well!

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Russian Redhead Ninelly Pumps Up Her Pussy

Ninelly sure is one hot redhead. They say redheads have more sex drive than other girls and this one is a living proof. Her kinky and slutty side is tough to match. Once she starts toying herself she gets all turned on and blows up her pussy lips with a vacuum pump.

It would be a pity not to take advantage of such scenario so once there’s a piece of hard cock available there’s no better match than slamming it right up her pumped up pussy.

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Vaginal Pussy Pump For Carmen Collins

Carmen Collins is a filthy whore. It’s true that most porn girls are sluts, but few have ever been fucked by more men than Carmen Collins has been in the last few years. Dozens of men have gangbanged her, plenty of strangers have fucked her in clubs and bars and parking lots – she has fucked just about every friend she has and she used to have a big sign on her apartment door that said ‘Knock Loud If You Want To Fuck Me!’ So, how do you get a jaded whore like Carmen to be really excited about sex as if she was a virgin all over again? Pussy pumps are an excellent way! With her vagina plump her nipples pinched by suction cups Carmen is able to focus on fucking the way she used to… before hundreds of men had a chance to use her pussy, mouth and asshole as a set of practice holes!

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Sandra`s Pussy Gets Blown Up Like A Balloon!

It’s usual for the guy to bring his gal flowers, but this horny fella brings his babe a pussy pump and even helps her with it. He squeezes her swollen lips together whilst she plays with her pumped up nipples. Her distended labia turns her man on so much that he soon got his rock hard cock entombed deep down her gullet! This dark haired cock hungry bitch can’t get enough of his boner down her throat – so much so that she chokes and gags! Pumping her cunt even more so that her lips are distended and swollen, she then impales her tight arsehole onto his upright cock – her bloated cunt inflated like a disfigured balloon glistening with chick jizz as she pumps her arse down onto his weapon! It’s nasty – just how we like it!

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Brutal Assfucking & Pussy Pumping

Kira is your teenage dream, a hottie that could star in every MTV Video and steal the show. Her alabaster ass, firm boobs and tight pussy are one man’s dream.

Fortunately she decided to let her naughty side loose in front of the cams. After she teases her man to get an intense boner she gets her boobs and ass oiled and can’t wait to get hold of his manrod.

Once she’s done showing her blowjob skills she gets her pussy pumped and clit teased up to the point that she can’t resist and receives face fucking before her stud slides his cock inside her ass to get the job done.

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Verginee Wants Her Pussy To Become Very Wet

Sometimes when you want to piss you might try turning on the water in your sink because the sound and sight of moving water helps you urinate. The same is true for a woman who wants her pussy to become very wet. Here Virginee is pumped up and ass fucked on the pier near the river and being surrounded by all that running water definitely has an effect on the wetness of her pussy! When we fucked her in the studio we needed to use plenty of lube to keep her cunt wet, but out by the river she was so soaked we wanted to towel off her clit before doing the still photos to make sure the wetness didn’t interfere with the photo clarity.

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